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Chadwick Downs have a huge range of Braford and Red Brangus bulls ready to work right now. Delivery is available.

Stud Sires or by the Deck, Chadwick Downs has volume Braford, Red Brangus available all year round.

Affordable, working aged bulls with delivery available.

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Aussie cattlemen are smart cookies; they will always come back to what the enjoy and what is making them profits, so it's no surprise that Braford Bull Sales have surged with interest in 2012.

Whiteface cattle generally weigh more, are docile, have fertility and longevity and make amazing mothers when crossed with almost any breed.

Check out the bulls below that Chadwick Downs has for private sale.

These bulls are GRASS-FED, ensuring their longevity, fertility and giving them a head start when joined in rangeland conditions.

You can expect Grass-fed bulls to not have the weight gain of their supplemented brothers, but genetically they are very similar, in a very affordable package.

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Grass-Fed Braford Bulls For Sale August 2011


Yearling Braford Bulls For Sale August 2011