Chadwick Downs is a family owned and integrated business in breeding beef cattle suitable to the Australian environment. Qualities of fertility, longevity and constitution are highy prized and recognised by many breeders both in Australia and around the world.

With just over 7000ha at Coonabarabran and Coonamble in the North-West of NSW Australia, Chadwick Downs run a breeding herd of Braford, Red Angus and Red Brangus females, selling both bulls and females at auction and privately throughout Australia.

The Braford breeding program began in 1986 with the introduction of registeredChadwick Downs Braford Bull Brafords from leading stud herds and grew quickly with the recognition of higher performance of lower quality pastures and the Braford's ease of management. Further introduction of select Braford genetics ensure our pedigrees & performance is quality packed.

Chadwick Downs stabilised the herd and is currently Australia's largest breeder of registered Braford Cattle.

Chadwick Downs Red Angus developed from an inherent need to supply both local and international markets with superior Red Angus genetics that had an Australian point of difference. Chadwick Downs Red Angus endeavour to carry Australian Angus blood and aim to consistently supply high performance, heavy bulls that will complement both temperate beef breeders, as well as be able to perform in the northern and central Australian environments.

The Chadwick Downs Red Brangus breeding program began in 2000 with the introduction of Red Brangus females into the Red Angus herd and vice versa.

Chadwick Downs Red BrangusThe stud came to prominence with the introduction of the prepotent Duarran Yackandandah, Redline Beaumont and Chadwick Downs Red Hermes and is now producing both bulls and females of exceptional quality and consistency.

Red Brangus were selected for their fertility under adversity, constitution and their unique ability to compliment existing Australian beef herds, in temperate, sub-tropical and central Australian beef cattle breeding areas.

The 400 head on-property feedlot is utilized to gather performance data from our steers to validate our genetics & breeding programs.

The Chadwick Downs Artificial Breeding Centre is among Australia's finest Quarantine Export Centres and is growing in response to the high quality products and services that Chadwick Downs have become known for.

The Semen Collection Centre is specialised is pecifically for export. The Embryo Centre can house up to 120 donor females in ideal conditions. The new Live Export Centre specialises in the preparation and export of high-end live cattle by Air, to destinations around the world.

The Lill family of Chadwick Downs invite you to come and take a look at their breeding programs, select specific bulls for your stud programs or purchase bulls by the deck ready to work.

Grand Champion Cow World Brangus Congress Beef 2012