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Check out the very latest additions to the powerful sire battery at Chadwick Downs Duff Glentana G38 is just a youngster at 17mths and offers a wealth of bone, type and a faultless temperament.

Glentana brings a beautiful clean polled head and a fresh pedigree to the Chadwick Downs herd.

'We're seeing a huge growth in Red Brangus amongst commercial cattlemen wanting to soften the breeders & ad an element of efficiency and fertility to cow herds that they have been breeding with euro-type bulls in the past. It's a great opportunity to get the very best of both worlds'.

Burradoo Paradise 2040 makes his way into the CD Braford program bringing an outstanding outcross pedigree containing some of the Breed's most influential individuals.

Paradise is a forth generation Polled sire with a lovely thin, soft coat and loads of character. With a Burradoo Paradise 2040moderate mature size, Paradise 2040 is expected to work extremely well over Grandeur and Absolute-sire females as well as daughters of the heavy-boned and thick-set CD Hefner.


Check out the latest editions to the Chadwick Downs Sire Battery

Standouts from their peers, these youngsters represent the direction that the Chadwick Downs program is heading; fertile, mobile and easy-doing with top performance and a lovely disposition.

CD Red Evoque G203

 CD Red Evoque G203 is a youngster that is bred in the purple, and is set to propel the Chadwick Downs Red Brangus program forward in leaps and bounds. Evoque is a son of the prepotent Duff DiDi, a sire who continues to repay Chadwick Downs in quality progeny time and again and is sireing heavy boned sons and sharp, angular daughters. Evoques' Dam is the acclaimed export donor CD D125 who is currently Chadwick Donws' leading brangus female. Semen will be available shortly in this Outstanding young sire.

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Chadwick Downs Bollinger

 Chadwick Downs Bollinger G106 is among the finest we have produced at Chadwick Downs. Extra long, deep and heavy-boned, Bollinger is they type of bull that is so easy to use over the entire herd and expect outstanding results. His Sire is the now globally famous Aurora Playboy Y215, and Bollinger stands alongside brothers including Moneyshot, Crossfire & Daintree as well as Australian Champion Female CD Goldfrapp B090. Bollingers Dam is an outcross daughter of Ka-Amm Eagle, a sire that is consitently producing deep bodied and broody progeny. Look out for more Bollinger in the 2013 Spring Breeding Season. Call or email for more information on securing semen in this young Sire.



CD MiddnightOil

CD Midnight Oil H016 is one of our first calves by the renown Garret of Brinks 789P and is out performing all our expectations. MidnightOil is in very good company and shares a sire with the top-selling $30,000 Telpara Hills Mr Houston. Garret of Brinks is a bull who has achieved trait-leading performance figures with rates in the top three percent for yearling weight, 4pc for birth weight, 5pc marbling and 2pc scrotal, Garrett inherits huge maternal potential from his sire, Best Bet 535H38, who is the highest rated bull in the US for milk figures.

Check back for more information on the progress of this exciting new Sire prospect.



The Mayors Fire Recovery Charity Race Day was an enormous hit with locals and guests from all across the state gathering to make it one of the biggest February Race meets ever!

Races February 2013 with Caitlin Marty Ellen & Jacquie


January 14th will go down in history as the start of a very long road to recovery for Chadwick DowWarrumbungleNationalPark Firens, and 50 other families along Timor Road and to the west of Coonabarabran after Bushfires wreaked havock on the Warrumbungle National Park and surrounding properties.

In all, Chadwick Dowsn lost the historic Glenmore Homestead, numerous sheds, tractors and fences and along with this hunderds of registered Red Brangus Cows and Claves were lost in the firestorm.

With the generous support of many family, friends, companies and strangers, we will rebuild Glenmore and Chadwick Downs Red Brangus.



Scorched Glenmore



With a record heat wave and no significant rain since Joining Group in the heat

June 2012, Brafords on Chadwick Downs are taking it in their stride.

Hot Dry Waldon


The popularity of Chadwick Downs Brangus has skyrocketed in the past few years and to stay ahead of the game, Chadwick Downs is inseminating first calvers to access the worlds very best genetics

In use this season will be the EKKA Res Champion Bull Red Amarok E259. This heavily muscled son of Duarran Yatala has been in collection for Export Semen and already has sensational calves on the ground. "We'll use Amarok over as many females as possible this season. He has so much to offer the breed with amazing capacity, an unbelievable muscle pattern and he gets around the paddock like a big cat. I've really fallen in love with this bull and look forward to his heavy influence in the CD Herd".Amarok E259

The popularity of Black Brangus is ever increasing. Elton FullTime has been Elton RB FullTime1060selected to be the main AI Sire of 2012. "We have chosen Fulltime for several reasons, with the most important being his overall volume, amazing bone and guts without losing any Brangus Character.""FullTime came into the Export Collection Centre and we were blown away by his bone, capacity and lovely quiet nature." Be sure to check back on reports for the very first calves of Elton FullTime soon.

Domestic and Export Semen is Available Right Now in Both these outstanding young Sires

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 GO WEST! ~ TO WANAARINGWanaaring Bulls at Daybreak

Chadwick Downs prides itself on breeding some of the toughest bulls bred from generations of females with cast-iron constitutions and based on a grass-fed, real world prodcution system. Its for this very reason that CD Bulls do so well in Far West NSW.

The second shipment of Bulls to Lenroy Station at Wanaaring left for their 800km journey at daybreak to join breeders on their annual muster.

"Bulls that go to the far west of NSW must be tough as nails, yet their progeny must be able to finich in a season. Mustering & ease of handleing is a major selection priority, thats why we have worked closely with our clients to select only naturally docile, polled bulls, with mobility and softness".

Braford magazine Ad 2012


The Classic Red Brangus Sale results speak volumes for the fast pace at which Red Brangus are beingClassic Red Brangus Sale 2012 accepted and demanded by Australian cattlemen.

A near total clearance of 80 Red Brangus Bulls, a top of $16,000 and an awesome average of $6100 was an outstanding result for just the 4th annual Classic Red Brangus Sale.

Chadwick Downs looks forward to continuing to produce commercially focussed Red Brangus bulls and females with private sales throughout the year.

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Lot 66 CD Red Measure Classic Red Brangus Sale 25th Sept 2012 Gracemere



Chadwick Downs had great success at the recent Royal National Exhibition or EKKA in Brisbane in the first week of August exhibiting the Res Junior CHAMPION and Res Senior CHAMPION Bulls in the Brangus Breed.CD Red Amarok E259 Res Senior Champion EKKA 2012

There were around 50 Brangus exhibits with Red Brangus taking the Majority of Awards. "Red Brangus simply pack more punch. In every class, the Reds were 50-100kg heavier and way more productive than the average. It won't take long for Cattlemen to realise this and make the change from Droughties, Santas or alter their cross breeding program to include Red Brangus". Marty Lill

CD Red Tabasco G008 was awarded the Res Junior Champion award weighing 824kg at just 18mths with an EMA of 126cm. This type of performance & carcase is phenomenal in tropical cattle.

CD Red Tabasco G008 Res Junior Champion EKKA 2012The Championship awards is is great prelude to the upcoming Classic Red Brangus Sale 25th September in Gracemere. On offer will be 80 bulls from Australia's leading Red Brangus Breeders & 15 outstanding heifers.

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In what is one of the Most Competitive Showing of Beef Cattle anywhere in the world, Chadwick Downs genetics rises to the fore with Cabana El Amargo Filipe being awarded Res Grand Champion Award from over 300 Braford Exhibits.

Amargo Filipe Res Champion Palermo 2012Armago Filipe is a son of the renown Chadwick Downs Graphite Y007 and out of an outstanding Daughter from the highly acclaimed Chadwick Downs Grandslam 1127.

"Carrying 100% Chadwick Downs genetics, it's great to know that we can compete on a truly Global Platform." Marty Lill

Semen is CD Graphite is avaliable in Australia direct from Chadwick Downs Contact Caitlin Warner 0450467620

or in Argentina from Australian Premier Genetics Contact Dr Carlos Roldan carlosr_roldan@hotmail.com

Congratulations to Eduardo Feraraio and Family of Cabana El Amargo on an outstanding award with Amargo Filipe

Be sure to check out  www.elamargo.com


Beef12 and the World Brangus Congress seems like just the other day but itsPreJudging Group Hug been a couple of months since Australia's Largest Beef Exposition and showing of Brangus Cattle was held in sunny Rockhampton.

Chadwick Downs hosted Australian and International guests in Two Trade Site, one specifically devoted to The CD Export Centre and one Designed to Showcase Brangus Cattle.

"We were blessed to have the Very Best Staff on hand to help with the enormity of hosting two Trade Stands as well as 18 head of show cattle. Spanning 4 languages, I think Team CD excelled in every way! " Marty Lill

Nat & Caitlin In CDABC Stand

The CD ABC Stand was designed to allow existing and prospective clients to discuss collecting semen and embryos for export. Chadwick Downs is now Australia's Premier Export Collection Facility, exporting more Beef Cattle Genetics than any other Center and incorporating the very latest diagnostic and freezing technology.

Brangus Trade Stand

"We are looking to increase exposure of our sale bulls in central Qld as well increase the level of awareness about Export Opportunities for Australian Cattle Genetics".

"Australian Genetics are popular in the Global Cattle Market and Australian Breeders really need to invest in their product and look at genetics sales as a legitimate market". "Too often this market is not addressed very well and Australians in general have a very poor record of self-promotion in the past and have been overtaken by markets like the USA. It really is Australian Cattle Producers' Time To Shine". Marty Lill Chadwick Downs

Argentinian Braford & Brangus Breeders Visit Chadwick DownsAlong with tremendous interest in the Chadwick Downs Breeding Program and Export centre, Chadwick Downs welcomed Carlos Roldan from Australian Premier Genetics and exclusive reseller for Chadwick Downs in Argentin Dr Roldan was accompanied by 22 Cattle Breeders and vets from Aregentina for a tour or Australian Braford & Brangus Studs.

Along with Dr Roldan, Chadwick Downs was delighted to greet Ignacio Llano representing El Fogon, exclusive distributors for Chadwick Downs in Paraguay.

"We look forward to long and prosperous association with El Fogo in Paraguay and I am confident in both the execllent quality of the product that Chadwick Downs produces as well as the people involved in El Fogon in Paraguay". Marty Lill


Donors 2012



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"Our goal is to prod uce genetically consistent and predictable cattle with above average fertility and performance without sacrificing constitution, calving ease or maintenance, in an early maturing, easily finished, grassfed package."




Chadwick Downs has many international connections, clients and friends. Chadwick Downs Genetics are currently being used in over 11 countries around the world including South Africa, Brasil, Argentina, USA and Paraguay. Progeny of Chadwick Downs are regularly exhibited at several international exhibitions.